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The banth is equivalent to the Terran lion, though this large hunting beast has several rows of teeth and eight legs, as well as a lush mane. Primarily found in hills surrounding the broad sea-beds of Mars, it can be encountered in almost any location which is not patrolled regularly. It is also a favorite among tyrants who employ them in bloody arena spectacles, tearing apart enemies who may be armed only with a short sword or less.

Agility: d8Smarts: d6(A)Spirit: d6Strength: d12+2Vigor: d10

Fighting: d10Guts: d8Notice: d6

Secondary Attributes:
Pace: 10Parry: 7Toughness: 9

Special Abilities:
Bite: Str+2
Size: +2

More details from The Gods of War

For a long period there was silence, then of a sudden a soft, stealthy sound behind me caused me to turn suddenly to behold a great many-legged banth creeping sinuously upon me.

The banth is a fierce beast of prey that roams the low hills surrounding the dead seas of ancient Mars. Like nearly all Martian animals it is almost hairless, having only a great bristly mane about its thick neck.

Its long, lithe body is supported by ten powerful legs, its enormous jaws are equipped, like those of the calot, or Martian hound, with several rows of long needle-like fangs; its mouth reaches to a point far back of its tiny ears, while its enormous, protruding eyes of green add the last touch of terror to its awful aspect.

As it crept toward me it lashed its powerful tail against its yellow sides, and when it saw that it was discovered it emitted the terrifying roar which often freezes its prey into momentary paralysis in the instant that it makes its spring.

And so it launched its great bulk toward me, but its mighty voice had held no paralysing terrors for me, and it met cold steel instead of the tender flesh its cruel jaws gaped so widely to engulf.

An instant later I drew my blade from the still heart of this great Barsoomian lion, and turning toward Tars Tarkas was surprised to see him facing a similar monster.

No sooner had he dispatched his than I, turning, as though drawn by the instinct of my guardian subconscious mind, beheld another of the savage denizens of the Martian wilds leaping across the chamber toward me.

From then on for the better part of an hour one hideous creature after another was launched upon us, springing apparently from the empty air about us.

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