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Arcane Backgrounds are rare on Barsoom: only Weird Science and Psionics are known to exist. Furthermore, a character who takes the Psionics background only gets one power, not three as listed in the rulebook. Soul Drain is not available in this setting. Furthermore, the only race normally able to take AB: Psionics is the Kaldanes (see Race description). Characters from the isolated city of Lothar may take AB: Psionics, but the only power they can ever have is Illusionary Warriors (described below); they may not choose the New Power Edge. Weird Science is available to any character except Green Martians.

New Edges

Requirements: Novice, Ambidextrous, more than two arms

Several Barsoomian creatures have more than one pair of arms; normally, use of more than one pair of arms incurs a -2 "off-hand" penalty. This Edge removes that penalty.
Requirements: Seasoned, Two-Fisted, three or more arms

This hero has learned to wield three weapons at once, and may use three arms to attack without a multi-action penalty. It is possible to use a two-handed weapon and a one-handed weapon at the same time (for example, Great Sword and Longsword).
Requirements: Veteran, Three-Fisted, four or more arms

With this Edge, a four-armed hero can use all four arms at once without a multi-action penalty. She could use two two-handed weapons at the same time as well.

For more edges...

Check out the MARS' entry (pages 62-69) for additional edges; here is a list of what is available, but you will need to pick up the rulebook to see the exact details:

Combat Edges:

    Dirty Fighter
    Really Dirty Fighter
    Improved Defense
    Improved Riposte
    Sword And Blaster
    Improved sword And Blaster
    Precision Strike
    Spot Weakness
    Wall of Steel

Power Edges:

    Brilliant Scientist

Professional Edges:

    Brute Warrior
        - Green Martians only in Savage Barsoom
        - not in use in Savage Barsoom
    Military Elite

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