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Because of the efficiency of radium pistols and rifles, other ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, sling, etc.) are almost unknown on Barsoom, though they could be easily constructed by craftsmen. Also, armor is almost never worn, due to the weight and expense, and its impotence against radium ammunition.

Longsword:Damage Str+d8; Parry +1; weight 7.

The Barsoomian longsword, almost universal weapon of Martian warriors, is a long, well-balanced weapon perfect for quick, powerful attacks as well as superb defense.

Green Martian Lance:
Damage Str+d8; Minimum Strength d10; 2-Handed, Parry -1, AP2, Reach 4.

This lance is about 40’ long, used from thoatback by Green Martian riders to take advantage of their great strength and longer reach.

Radium Pistol:
Range 24/48/96; Damage 2d6 (3d6 in sunlight); RoF 1; AP2 (AP4 in sunlight); Weight 6.

Radium Rifle:
Range 50/100/200; Damage 2d6 (3d6 in sunlight); RoF 1; AP2 (AP4 in sunlight); Weight 12.

Notes: The standard Barsoom firearms, “radium” pistols and rifles fire shells filled with a radium compound which explodes on impact, wreaking fearsome damage. This explosive effect is triggered by exposure to sunlight in even small amounts. Therefore, if a shot hits where there is sunlight present (even indirect sunlight, such as within a room with windows), use the higher damage values (3d6, AP6). Because of their careful construction and the lighter gravity, they are capable of longer ranges than Earthmade weapons. The same ammunition is used for both pistols and rifles.

Assassin’s Dirk:
Slim dagger for silent strikes. Nonmetallic to avoid detectors. Damage STR+d4. Weight 1. Notice -2 to discover if hidden. Tube in blade can hold one dose of poison.

From Savages of Mars By Tim W. Brown, 2004
Art by Joe Jusko

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Mark A. Siefert said...

Are you going to update the melee weapon damage stats for SW: Explorer's Edition?

 Damon Orrell said...

Mark - I just now noticed your post (way too long!). Drop me a line, if you are still interested in seeing these updated; I have a couple questions for you :)