Monday, June 2, 2008


The two humans recorded by Burroughs were both experienced warriors, which may or may not be typical of the humans who find themselves on Mars (John Carter and Ulysses Paxton were both experienced soldiers and adventurers even before appearing on Mars). Since the presence of a human is so rare (only three in the canon, and one of those only half-human), the GM should consider carefully whether to allow even one human player character.

Bonus Edge: Humans are multi-talented and receive a free Edge at character creation.

Weaker Gravity: Earth has a stronger gravity than Barsoom, and humans are commensurately stronger on that planet: all humans start with a d6 Strength; a human can increase his Strength to d12+1 through normal level-ups, then up to d12+2 or d12+3 with Legendary Edges. Furthermore, a human's Load Limit is 8 times his Strength on Barsoom (Humans with the Brawny Edge multiply their Strength by 10); throwing ranges are doubled. Humans can leap a number of inches equal to their Strength die, or half that vertically; to make a jump of this distance takes a full action, like running. Humans can leap over enemies as part of a normal horizontal jump.

Alien Mind: For some unknown reason, the mind of a human can block attempts to “read” it. Humans gain the benefits of the Arcane Resistance Edge against psionic powers.

Barsoomian: The one language of Barsoom is mostly telepathic with only a limited number of spoken words. Humans can pick it up rather quickly and within one month of contact with the language gain a d6 in Knowledge (Barsoomian).

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Art by Michael Whelan

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