Monday, June 2, 2008

Red Martian

Barsoom Glossary Entry

The Red Martian, like all the dominate human and humanoid races of Mars, is oviparous; that is to say they reproduce by eggs. For a description of this fascinating sex life, see the Green Martian section. The only difference between the Green and Red Martian cultures is the parental care given to new born. The Red Martian is fully aware of his and her offspring's identity, nor do they secret their egg in distant incubators; instead caring for it until hatched then raising the infant with... Learn more >>


Red Martians start with one free attribute increase. Normally this is represented by something visibly apparent about the Red Martian’s attitude or appearance, whether the defiant Spirit in the princess' eyes or the muscles of the great warrior.

Larger than Life: While all Red Martians aspire to demanding codes of honor and prowess, the Wild Cards among them stand out even more (in the novels, the Red Martian heroes are usually Noble). They begin with an additional Background Edge of their choice.

Note: A Martian from the city of Lothar can take the Arcane Background Psionics as their additional Background Edge. Otherwise, Lotharians are identical in all but appearance to Red Martians, having lighter skin.

Barsoom Glossary Entry by David Bruce Bozarth, from

Edges From Savages of Mars By Tim W. Brown

Art by Michael Whelan

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