Monday, June 2, 2008


Rare, in fact all but extinct (found only in the Kaolian Forest), a sith resembles an Earth hornet, but of gigantic size – at least as large as a man. Armed both with powerful jaws and a stinger in its tail filled with lethal venom. This venom is prized not only for its deadliness, but can be used for a variety of purposes as an ingredient in medicines, drugs, and cosmetics.

Agility: d8Smarts: d4(A)Spirit: d6Strength: d8Vigor: d8

Fighting: d6Guts: d6Notice: d4

Secondary Attributes:
Pace: 3Parry: 5Toughness: 8

Special Abilities:
Armor +2:
Thick layers of chitin protect the sith's body; the membranous wings are not protected by this armor.
Bite: Str+1
The venom of a sith is much feared, with good reason. Someone injected with sith venom must make a Vigor roll or die in 3d6+10 seconds.
Poison (-4): Str-1 plus injects venom.
Sith have a Flying Pace of 18", with an Acceleration of 6".
The lightning speed of the sith's movements allow it to discard and redraw any initiative card of 5 or lower, keeping the best result.

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