Monday, June 2, 2008


Most skills operate normally on Barsoom. The few changes are noted below:

is very rare on Barsoom, since open bodies of water are so rare; most shipping and travel by civilized people are done on flying boats, for which the Piloting skill is used.

Driving is of limited use: the only ground vehicles common on Barsoom are carts and wagons drawn by animals (usually thoats or zitidars).

Riding in Barsoom is linked to Smarts not Agility. Animals are controlled telepathically instead of by bit and bridle.

Healing retains some of the knowledge of earlier ages, and so provides the same benefits to recovery as post-modern Terran medicine (+2 to natural healing).

Notice benefits from the common Martian telepathy; when using Notice to tell if someone is lying, add 1 to the die roll. A +1 bonus is also added when checking to detect an ambush at close range (within 12”). Neither of these bonuses works against humans unless the human allows it.

Stealth across the wide Martian plains is easier, because most Martian terrain is covered with a soft, mossy growth. Wilderness areas usually grant a +1 to Stealth rolls due to the absorbent moss.

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