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These many-legged Barsoomian scavengers are the equivalent of earth rat; of course, they are somewhat larger, the average being the size of a terrier dog. They have vicious fangs and when hungry or threatened they can be quite aggressive.

Ulsios are not particularly bold, but often run in packs and will use their superior numbers to overwhelm stronger prey.

Agility: d8Smarts: d6(A)Spirit: d4Strength: d4Vigor: d6

Fighting: d6Notice: d6

Secondary Attributes:
Pace: 6Parry: 4Toughness: 4

Special Abilities:
Bite: Str+d4

More details from The Chessmen of Mars

The Martian rat is a fierce and unlovely thing. It is many-legged and hairless, its hide resembling that of a newborn mouse in repulsiveness. In size and weight it is comparable to a large Airedale terrier. Its eyes are small and close-set, and almost hidden in deep, fleshy apertures. But its most ferocious and repulsive feature is its jaws, the entire bony structure of which protrudes several inches beyond the flesh, revealing five sharp, spadelike teeth in the upper jaw and the same number of similar teeth in the lower, the whole suggesting the appearance of a rotting face from which much of the flesh has sloughed away.

It was such a thing that leaped upon the breast of the panthan to tear at his jugular. Twice Turan struck it away as he sought to regain his feet, but both times it returned with increased ferocity to renew the attack. Its only weapons are its jaws since its broad, splay feet are armed with blunt talons. With its protruding jaws it excavates its winding burrows and with its broad feet it pushes the dirt behind it. To keep the jaws from his flesh then was Turan's only concern and this he succeeded in doing until chance gave him a hold upon the creature's throat. After that the end was but a matter of moments. Rising at last he flung the lifeless thing from him with a shudder of disgust.

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Tony said...

Dear Joel

I have just come across your Blog and firstly wanted to say how fantastic I find the general Blog and secondly how much I enjoyed the Princess of Mars story.

I am an avid collector of Flash Gordon miniatures see my Blog, but have added a short article to my own Blog highlighting yours.

I hope that you do not mind.

Finally I am sure that there used to be a collection of much older John Carter of Mars miniatures (lead), if I can find details I will post a comment.

Regards and well done with the Blog so far.