Monday, December 13, 2010

Articulated Rot & Steam Launched Drivel: Miniatures/Conversions

Green Martian warriors made out of GW Kroots.
Articulated Rot & Steam Launched Drivel has some great Barsoom looking miniatures that they created from other kits and miniatures.


Jay said...

Those are great! They're a neat take on the Tharks. Too bad they're not an official release!

 Damon Orrell said...

Yeah, they are neat looking, but a box of 16 of them cost $35 and you get 8 Tharks out of box (2 minis to make one); so $4.50 a Thark?

A Thark from Bronze Age Miniatures costs $11 each; they look superior and you don't have to mess around piecing them together.