Monday, December 27, 2010

The Burroughs Bestiary

The Borruoughs Bestiary by David Day
I don't have a copy of the book, but rather found this list compiled from The Burroughs Bestiary over on the forums (even if you are not True20 player, it's worth digging through the thread).

Here is the list of beasts that exist on Barsoom (I striked out beasts that have already been added to the bestiary in The Game section of the site):
  • Apes of Barsoom (Great White Apes)
  • Apt
  • Banth (Lion of Barsoom)
  • Birds of Ladan
  • Calot (Dogs of Barsoom)
  • Calot Tree
  • Cat Men of Ladan (Masenas) Sentient race?
  • Corphals
  • Darseen
  • Ghastans (Spidermen of Ghasta) Sentient race?
  • Goolians Sentient race?
  • Hormads (Synthetic Men) Sentient race?
  • Hovan Du (The Great Ape of Ptarth) Sentient NPC
  • Kaldanes Sentient race
  • Komal (A huge Barsoomian Banth)
  • Malagar
  • Man-Flower
  • Orluk
  • Plant Men of Barsoom Sentient race
  • Rykors Sentient race when conjoined with Kaldanes
  • Silian
  • Sith
  • Sorak (Cats of Barsoom)
  • Spidermen of Ghasta (Ghastans) Sentient race?
  • Spiders of Ghasta
  • Thoat (Horses of Barsoom)
  • Ulsio (Rats of Barsoom)
  • White Lizards (Lizards of the Tjanathian Pits)
  • Worm, Sixteen-Legged
  • Zitidars

Re-reading the books (again) is in order for me, just to piece some of these beasties together.  Any feedback via comments would be appreciated, if you have any thoughts on the above list.

Also, as Clovis Cithog points out, checkout his blog for more stats for Barsoom Monsters.

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Clovis Cithog said...

I have already stated out the beasts of Barsoom for d20 on my blog . . .
(click on my picture)
see the "monsters" section

individual GMs will modify as necessary