Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kaiser Crowbar's Ablogcalypse

This goes way back to May 2oo9, but Kaiser mentions both Savage Barsoom and Adamant Entertainment's MARS.


Kaiser Crowbar said...

Thanks for the praise. It's hard to get people to check out a blog (I'm still dealing with that). So I try to give props to any blog I find awesome. Since you combine two of my favorite things - Barsoom and Savage Worlds - it was a no brainer to spread the word to the three or four people who regularly check out my blog.

Surprisingly, quite a few people have been looking at my Barsoom blog post, mostly because of the sexy pictures of Dejah Thoris.

 Damon Orrell said...

Hey Kaiser,

The people following the blog here are few and far between, but I think that is due to the fact that I haven't been keeping up on posting as much as I should be. So, now I'm trying to get things rolling again. If you have anything you like to add, feel free to let me know :)

I hope you continue to keep checking in and leaving feedback!