Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miniatures from the Past

Tars Tarkus from Heritage Models
Here is a site with some photos and a listing of old JCOM miniatures from Heritage Models.  Take a peak at the Tars Tarkus miniature on the right; it shows the scale next to a miniature in the upper left corner of the image: seems pretty damn big, bigger than 15 feet?

I remember seeing some of these miniatures for sale back in the early 90s' at a game/comic shop I use to haunt.  Too bad I didn't pick them up at the time.

Also, the creator of the page has a link to The Barsoomian Language; it's an interesting read.


jcanv said...

When will someone have a range of Barsoom wargame miniatures in 15mm?

 Damon Orrell said...

Wish I knew the answer to that... :(

djpeterso23662 said...

Check out Black Hat Minatures 18mm Martian Empires series.


Ben Carthage said...

Actually heritage had two scales. The majority of the line was 25mm but they did three or four 54mm -- Tars, Carter, Dejah to be sure, one other I think (Woola? Kantos Kan?) That's the 54mm Tars there; the 25mm one did not come in pieces.