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If you want to add some flavor to an adventure via evil cultists or an Old God, go read up on Barsoomian Religions on the ERBList.com.

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by Den Valdron

Dig around a bit and you will find more on the topic.

Description by David Bruce Bozarth, from ERBList.com.

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Clovis Cithog said...

“The whole fabric of our religion is based upon superstitious belief in lies that have been foisted upon us for ages by those directly above us, to whose personal profit and aggrandizement it was to have us continue to believe as they wished us to believe. I am ready to cast off the ties that bind me, I am ready to defy Issus herself, but what will it avail us?”
(Gods of Mars, Chapter 10)

Clovis Cithog said...

Barsoomian legends tell of an ancient pantheon of gods that was more directly involved in the lives of the Martians before the advent of technology.
“For weeks Gahan of Gathol crossed valleys and hills in search of some familiar landmark that might point his way toward his native land, but the summit of each succeeding ridge revealed but another unfamiliar view. He saw few animals and no men, until he finally came to the belief that he had fallen upon that fabled area of ancient Barsoom which lay under the curse of her olden gods--the once rich and fertile country whose people in their pride and arrogance had denied the deities, and whose punishment had been extermination.”
Chessmen of Mars, Chapter VII

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