Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Men Are On The Roids!

 I noticed awhile back, after picking up the new Warlord of Mars comic, that Joe Jusko changed the way he draws his Green Men, and in my opinion not for the better. 

They use to be right on the mark (to my eye):

(Click to enlarge)
 And now in the new comic they don't look much different than the Hulk:

(Click to enlarge)
Okay, they are not as ripped as the Hulk, but pretty darn close.  I am guessing the change is do to the comic company and making the juiced-up-greenies match the other interpretations of them, but still they lost a lot of 'alien' look to me.

Well, at least they can go play for the Yankees.


DinosaurPrince said...

Joe was asked on Deviantart and his response was that he had to do what the publishers wanted. He admits that it is very far from what the books description of them is. It's a shame because he along with Michael Whelan are the two artist that truly seemed to get the characters right. Of course comic book pushers rarely care about accuracy. Total shame.

Joe Jusko said...

That's correct! I'm obligated to follow Dynamite's character designs. If it were a movie or animated feature I'd be obligated to follow their designs as well. It's just the way it works.

School Master said...

Artist: "Sir, I'm not sure these character designs are appropriate to the source material..."

Dynamite Exec: "Look, Booby, the kids these days like muscle men. The more ripped they are, the better!" They want 'em on the green guys, they want 'em on the red guys, they like 'em on that Civil War guy... What his name? Sparky O'Toole? You like that name? I never liked that name..."

Artist: "But I don't think..."

Dynamite Exec: "That's why I pay you to scribble pictures, not to think! Now get back to your Crayolas! I got Guttenburg's people coming in five minutes!"

tpavlet said...

To School Master:
Joe is correct upon how a "job" is determined by the clients needs and wants are. Dymanite already had probably given him some type of "guidelines" on what the characters should look like. We, (Yes, including myself) have to go by that or otherwise, we don't get to pay. If you don't get pay the bills and client will go elsewhere.

This IS our way of living, our day job, our job that pays the all the bills and so. If you think, "hey, you guys are just artists and should be able to whip it out in no time ... so why should we pay for it? That's not really a job." Without "artists" like Joe and myself, you wouldn't "buy" the books.

Comics are entertainment, in which, some of us, try to make a living at this type of media.

If you don't like what Dymanite is doing, tell them or not buy the book.

 Damon Orrell said...

I for sure understand. I may not do illustrations for a living, but I'm a graphic designer / consultant (for a large mobile phone company). I have design guide I have to adhere to; not a whole lot of creative freedom. By the way, I do like the Dynamite comics and I'll take the green men beefcakes, if that's what it takes to get more John Carter!

School Master said...


I can appreciate Joe's situation and what he has to do to keep his employers happy. I was just having some fun at Dynamite's ( and the entertainment industry as a whole) expense, not Mr. Jusko's. The beefcake Tharks aren't enough for me to spurn the new Warlord comic. Indeed, I'm looking forward to future issues.

Mikeyboy said...

I really liked this interview. Joe has ever been one of my favorite artists and am extremely pleased that he gets all the work he does....because we get to see it and Marvel at his skill and be blown away.
My favorite part of this interview was where he very professionally and sicerely answers the question about other artists.
I have the ERB book btw and I can look through that book and look at Joes paintings for hours on end. ( recently did too ) Each and every painting offers such detail and tells a's easy to get lost in the world of ERB.
JOE is the man....nothing more to be said.