Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Site Updates for 1/4/2011

Updates have been made to the following pages:

Barsoom Bestiary
Added Apts and Zitidars

All of the pages have been updated: Some stat changes, reworked the layout for each entry and added some descriptive text from the books.

I am working on some more beasts to add here; if you have something you have Savaged or want me to add anything in particular (or add something peculiar!), drop me a line.
Pointed out edges from Adamant Entertainment's MARS; you will need the rulebook for the details. *
Flying Craft
Again, MARS has some more advanced rules and information for flying craft. They fit the Savage Barsoom setting very nicely. *
The Game
Updated the Table of Contents

* These additions are not necessary to play Savage Barsoom.

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