Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things Are A Brewing...

It may look a bit dead here on the site lately, but I have multiple projects in the works. 

The following items are in production:
  • I am compiling a Barsoom atlas based off of some very thorough maps by Rick Johnson. They are available now on his site and will be available here in the not so distant future.
  • There are illustrations in the works by Terry Pavlet; he is starting with the Bestiary and Races of Barsoom. Once they are done, I will update all the pages with their new illustrations.
  • I am finally putting together a printable PDF of the rules, that will be completed when the illustrations are done.  Like the site, it will be free to download, share and use.
  • Some scaled airships are in the early design process.  The plan is to design them to be built out of card stock and used with whatever ruleset that tickles your fancy.
  • Lots artists and images added to The Art of Barsoom blog.  Over 150 artists; some amazing, some fun and some... well, just go take a look.
More on all of the happenings soon!



Paul said...

Great resources, Damon. Most new to me. Thanks!

School Master said...

What scale do you plan on making those airships?

 Damon Orrell said...

Hey School Master -

I am working with someone on the particulars for the sizes, but this is what we have so far, and I quote:

10 man Cruiser (PT Boat) – 30 to 50 feet long
100 man Cruiser (Destroyer) – 250 to 300 feet long
1,000 man Battleship (Battleship or Dreadnought) – 500 to 600 feet long
10,000 man Super Battleship – 1,440 feet long

This gives us model builders something we can work with!

10 man Cruiser – 0.25” in 1/2400; 0.33” in 1/1800
100 man Cruiser – 1.5” in 1/2400; 2” in 1/1800
1,000 man Battleship – 3” in 1/2400; 4” in 1/1800
10,000 man Battleship – 7.2” in 1/2400; 9.6” in 1/1800

Feedback from yourself? :)

School Master said...

Sounds great!