Thursday, January 3, 2013

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

 This looks like an insightful read...

It took 100 years to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars to the big screen. It took Disney Studios just ten days to declare the film a flop and lock it away in the Disney vaults. How did this project, despite its quarter-billion dollar budget, the brilliance of director Andrew Stanton, and the creative talents of legendary Pixar Studios, become a calamity of historic proportions? 
Michael Sellers, a filmmaker and Hollywood insider himself, saw the disaster approaching and fought to save the project – but without success. In John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, Sellers details every blunder and betrayal that led to the doom of the motion picture – and that left countless Hollywood careers in the wreckage. 
JOHN CARTER AND THE GODS OF HOLLYWOOD examines every aspect of Andrew Stanton's adaptation and Disney's marketing campaign and seeks to answer the question: What went wrong? it includes a history of Hollywood's 100 year effort to bring the film to the screen, and examines the global fan movement spawned by the film.


Mikeyboy said...

I'll be reading this one. My thoughts on the matter irrelevant as they may be are...
The advertising campaign they ran for the film was lacking in every aspect. The approach to introducing JC to the general public was all wrong.
There was no mention of the heritage of JC and who ERB was...
SUPERMAN the movie had it right when they opened up the film with Action comics #1 and that was 1978.

I saw JC and loved it...sure there were differences and changes and plot contrivances but it worked. It was a good film...well acted,well paced and great fx.
But still...who the hell knew who Jon Carter was and what he meant to the world of Sci Fi and fiction?
They just didn't play it up right. It was a shame it went down the way it did.
I've watched it at home a dozen times already since picking up the dvd. I'm still satisfied with the film on it's own.
I will buy and read this book Thank you.

pauliedweasel said...

I liked John Carter of Mars the movie. Apparently not everything that Disney touchs turns to gold as we have seen with the recent disaster that is The Lone Ranger. There are some truly inept people in Hollywood that have managed to work their ways into highly placed but undeserved positions of power where their ineptitude can be channeled to its full effect. This certainly happened in John Carter despite the brilliant efforts of Andrew Stanton and the effect as has been mentioned is the possibly permanent destruction of many careers. A sad sight for sure.
My daughter and son-in-law saw this happen to the CG house Rhythm & Hues where they worked for almost five years. A lot of bad decisions by management that weren't caught by the companies founders have cost a lot of CG artists and support people their jobs and have left the company teetering on brink. Fortunately for them other opportunities came up before these things came to the surface so they were spared but a lot of their friends and co-workers weren't so fortunate.

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